Holiday 2021 Consulting & Design Services

Holiday 2021 Consulting & Design Services

The Gentleman Caller here, gearing up for the Holidays.

Whether you are decorating and entertaining for your family or for an abundance of friends and guests, I am here to help you. I have already started setting appointments. Get your name in the books!

Creating fabulous trees is one of my specialties. Here are some samples of my 2020 work.

Gold Fantasy tree at Kuhl-Linscomb
Pinks and champagnes are the pinnacle of sophistication.
Sometimes the rule is simply MORE IS MORE!
Silvers and stark whites come together on this icy tree.
Layers create visual interest. You’ll never see the same thing twice on a well-decorated tree.
Imparting a sense of humor in holiday decorating has fun results.
A retro tinsel tree adorned in pink fur. Perfection.
A classic red tree with a woodland motif and my favorite bird, cardinals.
Light greens and natural elements work together on this masculine tree.
Don’t forget centerpieces and mantles!

For continued updates go to my Instagram! For bookings use the link on this website or email!

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